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How to Turn Your Van into a Wheelchair Accessible Van

If someone you love has recently been confined to a wheelchair, it is very important that you start taking steps to meet his or her needs. One of the most important elements of making your life and your home wheelchair ready is making sure that your vehicle is wheelchair accessible. If you own a full-sized van or a mini van, you can actually turn your vehicle into a wheelchair accessible van by investing in and installing components that will make it easier for your loved one to enter into your vehicle. This process is called wheelchair van conversion.

Wheelchair van conversion allows your loved one to enter and leave your vehicle without straining him or herself or others. Without the proper wheelchair lifts or ramps, it can be very difficult for a person in a wheelchair to enter and leave a vehicle. When you turn your van into a wheelchair accessible van, you need to make sure that you install the proper lift or ramp that will make the transition from the ground to the vehicle as easy and as safe as possible. Before beginning your wheelchair van conversion, you should properly research the different aspects that different lifts and ramps can provide. Perhaps the largest choice you will have to make is whether or not you want to purchase an automatic lift or a manual lift.

Another choice you will have to make while turning your van into a wheelchair accessible van is whether or not you would like to invest in hand controls. Hand controls can be expensive and do require training to operate. However, they can also help your loved one recover precious independence on the road. With the ability to drive a vehicle alone, he or she will not have to rely on you for transportation. Before you turn your van into a wheelchair accessible van through wheelchair van conversion, check to see how Superior Van and Mobility can help you.

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