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How to Maintain Your Wheelchair Van’s Resale and Trade-In Value

How to Maintain Your Wheelchair Van’s Resale and Trade-In Value

Chances are that you’ll probably want a new wheelchair van at some point. Wear and tear to your current vehicle, changing accessibility needs or preferences, grants or a higher budget, a search for better gas mileage, or any number of factors may leave you ready for a new accessible van. When the time comes, the resale or trade-in value of your old vehicle helps offset the cost of the new purchase.

Savvy owners protect their vehicle’s worth. They’re usually rewarded for their diligence at resale or trade-in time. Below are some tips for maintaining value over the long term.

Protect Your Wheelchair Van’s Appearance

How the interior and exterior of your wheelchair van look at resale or trade-in time matters. Guard against damage. Have your vehicle regularly washed and waxed to protect it against damage from the elements. Stay on top of interior cleanings, too. Have your van’s exterior and interior detailed periodically. Save receipts from these services. At resale or trade-in time, a clear record of diligent care adds value.

Don’t smoke in your van; the smell detracts from value, and you’re likely to burn holes somewhere eventually. Avoid eating and drinking inside to prevent spills and stains. At the very least, skip the fruit punch and stick to water. Investing in seat covers. Store your van in the garage if you have one, and park in the shade whenever possible. Over time, sun can fade finishes, crack vinyl dashboards and cause other damage. Drive carefully to reduce the risk of accidents.

Even with steady care, you may need services at resale or trade-in time. A thorough cleaning, inside and out, and a fresh coat of wax help make your van look its best. If the paint is faded, or if there are scratches, dings, chips or other damage, get your van professionally restored and newly painted.

Keep Your Handicap Van Working Well

Depending on your driving habits, having a Superior Service Conversion check-up every 3-6 months is critical to ensure your ramp, door and kneel systems work properly, especially during change of seasons and climates. If you drive everyday to work, to school, etc., every 3 months is recommended. If your van is primarily used for doctors visits and errands, every 6-12 months is sufficient. During a conversion check-up, all electrical connections are checked, as well as the operation of the ramp, door, and kneel systems. An added bonus is that we paint the ramp to freshen up its look as well! Be sure to check our latest newsletter for service coupons as well.

Treat your handicap van well while driving to protect operations and maintain resale and trade-in value. Avoid heavy stopping and starting and riding the brakes. Driving at high speeds takes a toll over time. Stick to paved, well-maintained roads whenever possible. Try not to add unnecessary mileage.

Get regular maintenance services, following the schedule in your owner’s manual. Tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, fluids checks and other essential inspections and services keep your van performing at its best and help prevent serious damage (and more costly repairs). These services are one of the most important steps in maintaining value. As with cleanings, save receipts from every maintenance service. They provide evidence of care at resale or trade-in time.

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